Granco Clark
Granco Clark | History

GRANCO CLARK was formed as a result of the merger of two aluminum extrusion industry suppliers: 

Granco Equipment, Inc. of Grand Rapids, MI
Clark Automation, Inc. of Belding, MI 

The GRANCO CLARK name has become recognized worldwide for its exceptional service to the aluminum extrusion industry.  

With the combination of the two companies, it has become one of the rare “single source” suppliers available to extruders for all ancillary equipment around the extrusion press. 

As our designs and technology continues to evolve through the years, our GRANCO CLARK furnace remains one of the fastest, most efficient ways to heat billets and logs. 

GRANCO CLARK has developed additional equipment that has enhanced productivity, reduced labor and increased profile quality.  From the first computer-controlled handling system to the patented GRANCO CLARK FusionBond® and Hot Saw technologies (elimination of two-piece billets).

GRANCO CLARK produces all required equipment to heat, cool, pull, stretch, handle, cut, stack, age and manage aluminum extrusions.  All of our automated equipment is designed, fully assembled and shop tested to the specific requirements of your extrusion process to deliver exceptional efficiency, productivity and longevity to give you the best return for your investment.



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