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Granco Clark Supplies YKK with New Log Furnace, Hot Saw, Fusionbond®, Log Table, and Pusher 

Belding, Michigan – YKK of Toyama, Japan, has selected Granco Clark to supply a Horizontal Chain Style Log Load Table and Idle Roll Log Pusher, a Log Furnace, a HBCS Hot Saw, and a Fusionbond® system.

YKK plans to benefit from the new Log Table and Log Pusher because of the ability to load in the lowered position, which allows the pusher head to simultaneously retract to the home position, along with the new roller design that eliminates marks on logs.

The new Log Furnace, Hot Saw, and Fusionbond® combination will improve YKK’s efficiency and production, while creating considerably less scrap. The Fusionbond® technology from Granco Clark eliminates two-piece billets and provides a strong complete bond using pressure and controlled rotation for continuous billets.




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