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Granco Clark Supplies Kawneer Company Inc.


Belding, Michigan – Kawneer of Bloomsburg, PA, has selected Granco Clark to supply a 500lb Double Puller, Full Handling System and Under Table Cooling Fans.

Kawneer’s 500lb double puller system utilizes two puller heads operating on a common rail with a cutting saw on the first puller head. The double puller can provide flying cut, fixed cut and double-length operation.

In addition to the Double puller, Kawneer purchased a handling system which consist of a lowering style idle roll run-out conveyor – a roller style conveyor system with single pass-line lead-out area and raise/lower run-out, all comprised of a series of high temperature needled felt, PBO-over-Kevlar covered rollers. Along with High temperature, multi speed transfer belt system to transfer the extrusions from the run-out table to the cooling table. These belts penetrate the run-out conveyor. At the appropriate time, the runout table lowers and the extrusions are transferred to the first cooling station. Additional under table cooling fan system located in the lead-out and run-out provide additional cooling for the profiles.




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