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Kobelco Aluminum Products and Extrusions, Inc.

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Granco Clark Supplies Kobelco Aluminum Products and Extrusions, Inc.


Belding, Michigan – Kobelco Aluminum of Bowling Green, KY., has selected Granco Clark to supply a complete billet/log processing and extrusion handling systems for their new press line. The scope of supply includes Granco Clark’s next generation high efficiency log furnace, hot billet sawing, a billet taper quench system, eight IR die ovens, a high performance/high impact spray quench, 24’ air quench, cut-on-the fly double puller system, high velocity cooling ducts, stretcher, a complete belt/conveyor system, ECS (Extrusion Cutting System) and gauge with scrap handling, age oven, extrusion stacking system, age oven rack stacking, powered roll rack conveyor with lift/transfers, and age oven rack de-stacking. This project will also have Granco Clark’s SCS Extrude software that provides powerful diagnostics with system diagrams, step-by-step troubleshooting instructions and graphics.




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