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Warranty for “Long-Life” Furnace Rollers


For a period of five (5) years after equipment receipt, Granco Clark Inc. (“Seller”) warrants the “Long-Life” furnace rollers (“Rollers”) to be free of maintenance due to wear*.  This warranty does not supersede the standard warranties as per the terms and conditions but is in addition to those warranties.


This warranty is expressly conditioned on the buyer’s obligation to perform regular maintenance on the Granco Clark furnace (“Furnace”) and use of Furnace in accordance with any operating instructions from the Seller.  Improper use of the Furnace may void this warranty.


Listed in no particular order, and not limited to these, are some examples for improper use, that may result in a voiding of the warranty:

  1. Modification of the furnace program in a manner not approved by the Seller, such that the function of the combustion system is compromised.
  2. Rollers damaged by overheating by an external heat source (torches, rosebuds, etc.), as determined by independent metallurgical experts.


In case of a defect, at the Sellers discretion, Seller will replace or repair the defective parts.


Note:  For best performance of the Furnace, regular service visits by the Seller’s technicians are highly recommended.



*Covered component is worn beyond the “manufacturer’s tolerance (1/8” from original)”

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