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Precision Saw

Industry’s Most Productive Saw: 

  • Exceptionally close tolerances combined with highest levels of productivity
  • High speed plus large batch window
  • Hitch feed provides maximum precision
  • Tightest Tolerances

  • Vertical and horizontal clamping on both sides of saw line for extremely precise cut
  • Back gauge clamps product, providing the fastest indexing in the industry
  • Unique hitch-feed mode prevents backrake, allowing for less additional machining and less scrap
  • Batch-cuts any number of extrusions that can be contained in the 24 x 8 inch clamping window
  • Back gauge lengths to meet any requirement 
  • Latches: safety interlocks instead of screw on machine guards for rapid blade change and maintenance
  • Recipe setup for increased productivity
  • Exceptionally close tolerances:
    • Cut length accuracy ±0.005
    • Straightness of cut ±0.002
    • Horizontal squareness ±0.002 inches per foot, corner to corner
    • Vertical squareness ±0.0005 inches per inch of  thickness
    • Parallelism ±0.003
    • Surface micro-finish 8–32 RMS

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