Granco Clark

Billet/Log Furnace

Granco Clark delivers the industries most efficient flame-impingement Aluminum Log/Billet Furnace. After all, we invented the flame-impingement furnace, the tunnel furnace, and the jet preheat furnace. well over 50 years ago. We set a new standard in the extrusion industry. That design has continued to evolve, most notably by the addition of an energy-saving “hot-jet” preheat section. It is still the fastest, most energy-efficient way to heat billets and logs. 

Hundreds of manufacturing plants around the world have GRANCO CLARK furnaces; some more than 30 years old and still on the job. 

Flame-Impingement Furnace: 

  • The industries most energy efficient flame-impingement log/billet furnace  
  • Hot-Jet preheat section
  • Thermal efficiency up to 70%

Improved Thermal Performance: 

  • New nozzle design
  • New nozzle distribution
  • Efficient hot air return

Low Maintenance Transport: 

  • Large diameter rollers in machined bearings  
  • 5 year maintenance-free warranty on new style rollers
  • Easy "lift-out" replacement of bearings and rollers

  • Counter flow preheating system that captures and recirculates exhaust gases gives a broad energy curve
  • State-of-the-art temperature control systems for superior temperature uniformity
  • Furnace chamber pressure controller prevents cold air intake
  • Charge and discharge equipment suitable for any application
  • Multiple fuel source option 
  • Linkage free, fully modulating flame-impingement zones: high performance and low maintenance
  • Automatic zone temperature set-points for ease of operation

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