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Hot Log Saw

Provides a major enhancement to consistent line throughput. 

Physical Stop Without Delay: 

  • Exact length billets 
  • Shock free pushback
  • Stop functions as pushback - fast cycle times 

Maximum Efficiency: 

  • Optional Integrated FusionBond® eliminates two-piece billets, reducing waste and increasing yields
  • Industry leading chip collection system 

Enhanced Quality: 

  • Perfect square cut
  • Compensation cut
  • Essentially 100% chip collection

Hot Billet Saw advantages
  • Multiple operating modes to meet production requirements
  • Billets cut to size as needed: reduced inventory and improved flexibility
  • Engineered for quick cycles to provide optimum throughput
  • Excellent squareness of cut prevents profile blisters
  • Can process all alloys
  • Efficient recycling of chips

Design features
  • Precision clamping system contributes to excellent blade life
  • Thin kerf blade minimizes scrap
  • Billet storage gear automatically transfers short, pieces back to furnace
  • Low-pressure hydraulics for low maintenance
  • Vacuum chip collection system with optimized chip paths for unequaled performance

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