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Two Become One: 

  • Eliminates two-piece billets

Stronger Bond:

  • A complete bond using pressure and controlled rotation

Reduction of Oxides:

  • Clean-up saw cut before bonding 
  • Inert gas atmosphere displaces oxygen (optional)

GRANCO CLARK FusionBond® reliably eliminates two-piece billets and the problems that can slow down your line, e.g., unusable profiles. The gaps and inconsistencies caused by alignment issues where the two pieces meet can be eliminated. Spot welding will not eliminate gaps and oxidation, and the welds often break during transport to the furnace. The FusionBond® produces a full face stronger bond compared to multi-point welds.

  • Truly NO scrap from logs
  • Eliminate press billet handling issues, due to two piece
  • NO cast house end cut oxidation
  • NO trapped air in container from bad cuts
  • Elimination of two-piece billets 
  • Integrates with hot saw 
  • Pressure controlled rotation 
  • "Clean-up" cut before bonding 
  • Optional inert gas atmosphere
  • Increased yield up to 4%
  • Remove cast cut face oxidation

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