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Laser Marking | Extrusions, Logs and Billets

Laser Mark Your Extrusions, Logs and Billets

Exclusive  technology only from Granco Clark and Laserax.

Now you can laser mark on your extrusions and profiles for part traceability and identification in-line right at the press. 

A quick unique part identifier (barcode, serial number) with a permanent and robust mark on the part surface directly within the fabrication process, without decreasing throughput.

Laser marking offers the best contrasts to ensure perfect legibility. The markings are resistant to aging, high temperatures, heavy salt spray testing and intense UV exposure.

- High Contrast and Readable Barcodes
- Customizable HD Label
- Low Operational Costs
- Heat Resistant Laser Systems
- Shotblast Resistant Marking

For more information, contact your Granco Clark Sales rep at 616-794-2600 or check out LaserAx website at 

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