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Handling System | Profile Handling

Profile Handling

Run-Out Conveyors:

  • Equipped to handle maximum extrusion speeds
  • Integrated cooling

Run-Out Transfer Systems:

  • A smooth transition from run-out to cooling
  • Unique cooling station design

Transfer & Cooling Table:

  • Positive drive belts
  • Gentle extrusion handling for best profile quality
  • Quick change belt feature
  • Industry supporting - extruded aluminum construction


  • Smooth transport through the stretching cycle

Batching and Saw-Feed:

  • Multi-functional belt system keeps manual handling to a minimum

  •  Automatic batching, saw feed
  • Storage tables can be set to form tight batches of profiles or “loose pack” batches with space between each profile
  • Auto-batching capability, auto-saw-feed loading
  • Variety of belt and roller materials to properly protect the profile surface
  • Reduction of manual handling
  • Preservation of surface quality
  • Protection for more sensitive profiles
  • Maximized batch-to-saw throughput
  • Reduced manpower requirements
  • Every system is customized and engineered to your needs

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