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Granco Clark Supplies APEL Extrusions, Inc. with a Complete Heating, Handling, and UBE Press System.



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Granco Clark Supplies APEL Extrusions, Inc. with a Complete Heating, Handling, and UBE Press System.

Belding, MI – APEL Extrusions, Inc. is expanding their production capacity quickly in the new Phoenix, AZ facility. Apel has officially commissioned Granco Clark and UBE to provide equipment for a second press line in their new facility. This news comes while Apel awaits installation and commissioning of their first press for this facility.  Press #1 is expected to be online by mid-year 2022, followed quickly by press #2.

Apel is taking full advantage of the latest technology that Granco Clark has to offer.  Both systems feature: the best High-Performance Spray Quench technology available, a Cut-On-The Fly Double Puller, High-Velocity Cooling Ducts, truly operator free Stretcher, an Automated Belt/Conveyor Handling System, High Efficiency Log Furnace with Hot Billet Saw, FusionBond™, and Taper Quench for iso-pressure and iso-thermal extrusion.

Founded in 1947, Granco Clark began manufacturing billet furnaces and has evolved into a worldwide, cutting-edge single-source supplier and leading equipment manufacturer in the aluminum extrusion industry.

With a proven track record of manufacturing the most dependable and durable equipment in the business, Granco Clark continually develops groundbreaking technology to improve its products – ranging from billet/log furnaces, hot log saws, FusionBond® to Age Ovens and Stacking equipment.

The company was the first to introduce the integrated control system technology that has since developed into SCSExtrude – the next-generation technology for optimizing automated extrusion line performance.

Another key to Granco Clark’s success is listening to customers and designing its products to their specific needs. The end results are improved productivity, energy conservation, waste reduction, and cost savings for customers.



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