Granco Clark

Log Washer

Improving the quality of logs for a superior extrusion begins with GRANCO CLARK's Log Washer.  As logs pass through, they receive a high-pressure, 3000 psi, water spray that removes contaminants. By doing this, it extends the life of your die and container, reducing maintenance.


The GRANCO CLARK Log Washer is constructed of stainless steel, with sealed bearings, no brushes (no aluminum dust explosion hazard and no brush replacement). No electronics or electrical devices near the spray makes this log washer superior to any other log washer on the market. (It has a simple, sleek design and can be added to an existing line with minimal effort).


Improving the Quality: 

  • High pressure spray removes surface contaminants
  • Less Die Repair


  • Stainless Steel Construction
  • Sealed Bearings