Granco Clark

Log Table/Log Pusher

The GRANCO CLARK Billet/Log Table loads precut stock from the table to the Pusher, dramatically improving cycle times.  While a billet or log is being pushed into a GRANCO CLARK Furnace, the loading section of the conveyor will lower allowing low impact transfer from the table. Once the pusher head is in the “home” position, the load will be raised and the head will begin processing the new stock.  


When a new billet/log is loaded from the table in a lowered position, the roller bed will raise to allow the GRANCO CLARK Pusher to process the new billet/log.



  • Strong engineered tube frame


Ready & Waiting:  

  • Loading in the lowered position allows the pusher head to simultaneously return to the home position.
  • New roller design eliminates marks on billets and logs


Cleaner Logs Using Rollers:  

  •  Significantly reduces friction and "scale" buildup


Standard Features:  

  •  Precut billets can be processed (option