Granco Clark

Log Shear

The right length billet, right when you need it

Want to free up a few hundred thousand dollars?

The GRANCO CLARK Quick-Cycle Log Shear, integrated with our Hot-Jet Furnace, can significantly reduce the amount of money you have tied up in inventory.

The electronically controlled log shear rapidly cuts billets to the size needed—so you don’t need to keep an expensive inventory of billets of different lengths. You simply produce them as needed—you’ll always have the correct length billet and never have a furnace full of the wrong length.

The shear offers scrap savings as well. Patented billet storage gear automatically transfers short, compensation-cut pieces back to the furnace between shearing cycles—allowing 100% of the log to be consumed. The innovative shear ring design and precision clamping system deliver a square cut with minimal deformation.