Granco Clark

Innovative Technology

GRANCO CLARK works on the cutting edge. We have created products like FusionBond®, our latest extrusion technology. Integrated with the GRANCO CLARK Hot Saw, FusionBond® improves productivity and can increase your yield by 2-3 percent. By using a Hot Saw blade to create fresh surfaces, and then rotating log end segments, FusionBond® fuses log pieces to create one continuous billet. 

GRANCO CLARK is proud to be the leading global supplier of equipment to the aluminum extrusion industry. We have become innovators by adapting, listening, and providing solutions for our customers. With changes in the global marketplace, and the need to increase productivity per employee, it’s our goal to help our customers achieve reduced scrap, enhance throughput, have less downtime, lower labor costs, and create higher-quality profiles.