Granco Clark

Infrared Die Ovens

Fast die heating that’s always under control

The GRANCO CLARK infrared die oven dramatically cuts heating time. While a traditional convection oven takes around four hours to heat a typical die for a mid-size press, the infrared oven can bring the same die to temperature within an hour.

The fast heat-up increases production flexibility, making it much easier for you to adjust scheduling if a die breaks or a rush order comes through. Dies can be placed in the oven much closer to when they’re actually needed, minimizing the time they spend at high heat and reducing the potential for oxidization.

The GRANCO CLARK infrared die oven uses dual thermocouples to measure the temperature of the die as it’s heated, providing far more reliable heating than ovens that use pre-programmed settings or a timer. With competitive die ovens, operator errors like entering the wrong die number can damage dies or cause process failures. With GRANCO CLARK’s infrared oven, though, there’s no risk of overheating or underheating the die by choosing the wrong setting, because the temperature of the die is measured.