Granco Clark


Stop letting your productivity go to pieces!

The Patented FusionBond® is GRANCO CLARK’s latest extrusion technology. Integrated with the GRANCO CLARK Hot Saw, the FusionBond® improves productivity and can increase your yield by 4 percent!

Two-piece billets are trouble—slowing up your line and causing unusable profiles due to gaps and inconsistency where the pieces meet. While some technologies attempt to “spot weld” log ends entering the furnace, that does little to eliminate air gaps and does nothing to address the oxidation issue that causes exposed ends to degrade. Plus, a slight misalignment or bow in a log can cause the welds to break apart anyway, defeating the purpose of spot welding and potentially damaging your furnace.

The new FusionBond® eliminates those problems. Cuts from the GRANCO CLARK Hot Saw blade expose fresh surfaces on the pieces to be joined. Then the FusionBond® pushes them together under pressure and controlled rotation to get a stronger, more complete bond. It is, quite simply, the best technology ever developed to join log end segments. Here’s why:

  • It happens after the furnace, when it can be done most efficiently
  • An inert gas is used to displace air during the process, which takes less than 10 seconds—prevents oxidation buildup at the joint
  • A unique edge-alignment system uses guides and lasers to ensure accurate log alignment

The benefits of the GRANCO CLARK FusionBond® are more than “theory.” Log ends have never been joined this well!

The GRANCO CLARK FusionBond®.
Patent Number #7,712,651. Design concept by Derek Boden, G. James Extrusion Co. Pty. Ltd.