Granco Clark

Billet/Log Furnace (Hot-Jet)

Unequaled thermal efficiency with tight temperature control

GRANCO CLARK makes one of the most energy-efficient billet/log furnaces on the market.

Our Billet/Log Furnace (Hot-Jet), accepts either billets or logs, delivers a thermal efficiency up to 70%.

The furnace achieves this level of efficiency through a “hot-jet” pre-heat section that captures and recirculates exhaust gases through high-pressure jet pipes. A pressurized entrance chamber blocks cold air from entering and keeps preheated gases in.

A state-of-the-art temperature control system delivers superior temperature uniformity—±10° F—with heating zones monitored by multiple thermocouple probes. Thermal efficiency and control are further enhanced with fully modulating, independent flame-impingement zones and an optional multiple-fuel firing capacity.


Flame-Impingement Furnace: 

  • One of the most energy efficient  
  • Hot-Jet preheat section
  • Thermal efficiency up to 70%

Improved Thermal Performance: 

  • New nozzle design
  • New nozzle distribution
  • Efficient hot air return

Low Maintenance Transport: 

  • Large diameter rollers in machined bearings  
  • 5 year maintenance-free warranty on new style rollers
  • Easy "lift-out" replacement of bearings and rollers