Granco Clark

Billet Taper Quench

The most economical way to achieve isothermal extrusion

GRANCO CLARK’s unique, triple-patented Billet Taper Quench delivers the exact thermal gradient required for isothermal extrusion and has the lowest acquisition cost of any isothermal technology. The Billet Taper Quench, which uses a narrow ring of water nozzles to rapidly and evenly subtract heat from the billet, quickly creates optimum temperature gradients to achieve smooth, high-quality profiles at maximum extruding speeds.


The GRANCO CLARK Billet Taper Quench allows the press to run at the maximum speed allowed by the alloy, section geometry and press tonnage. Without the Taper Quench, container friction causes the billet to heat up during extrusion, limiting the press speed that can be achieved without profile defects. Maximum press speeds are achieved by the temperature gradient applied by the GRANCO CLARK Taper Quench.  In case studies, the GRANCO CLARK Billet Taper Quench was shown to increase press speeds by an average of 51% over best practice speeds.


In addition to increasing productivity, the GRANCO CLARK Billet Taper Quench enhances profile quality, reducing variations in dimensions and structure along the length of the extruded product. An intelligent control package can (with appropriate feedback signals) tune the billet taper without operator intervention. The GRANCO CLARK Billet Taper Quench can also be connected to the SCSExtrude system for automated download of the temperature model for each profile.