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Stop letting your productivity go to pieces!

Two-piece billets are trouble—slowing up your line and causing unusable profiles due to gaps and inconsistency where the pieces meet. While some technologies attempt to “spot weld” log ends entering the furnace, that does little to eliminate air gaps and does nothing to address the oxidation issue that causes exposed ends to degrade. Plus, a slight misalignment or bow in a log can cause the welds to break apart anyway, defeating the purpose of spot welding and potentially damaging your furnace.

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Billet Furnace

GRANCO CLARK makes one of the most energy-efficient billet-heating furnace on the market. Our Hot-Jet Furnace delivers an average thermal efficiency of 55%—a number that other furnaces hit only at their peak.


The Patented FusionBond™ is GRANCO CLARK's latest extrusion technology. Integrated with the GRANCO CLARK Hot Saw, the FusionBond™ improves productivity and can increase your yield by 4 percent!

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Visit us at Aluminium 2014 booth #10G70

Granco Clark will be at Aluminium 2014 in Dusseldorf - October 7-9. Vist us at our new booth 10G70. Exciting new technologies start with Granco Clark.   Read More


Granco Clark Supplies Signature Aluminum a profile and billet taper quench.

Belding, MI – Signature Aluminum Canada located in Pickering, Ontario has selected Granco Clark to supply performance upgrades to their existing 3000 Ton extrusion line.   Read More